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* You Are The Lender...Not The Landlord
* You Earn Interest...Not Rent
* Your Investment is Protected By Real Estate 
* You Earn Passive Income & High Returns
* No Repairs, Renovations or Tenant Issues
* Very Low Cost Note Servicing Provided
* Easy Exit - We'll Sell It For You or Buy It From You

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The Note Mentor Story

My name is Patrick and I am the Founder of The Note Mentor, a Note Investing Education business.  With over 20 years in Venture Capital and Start up Experience I am no stranger to the high risk high reward world of investing.  I witnessed many investors lose all or some of their hard earned cash hoping for the best.  When I found Note Investing I thought it was too good to be true!  I had doubts so I questioned my Mentor daily trying to find the catch only to figure out there is no catch.  Note Investing is simply one of the best investment vehicles I have ever seen.  After becoming a professional Note Investor it became clear to me that other people need to know about Notes and what they can do for their financial future.  This is what spawned The Note Mentor.  We now offer a membership to a monthly Note Investing Coaching Group to help others learn the amazing power of Note Investing.  Please click on the link below to learn more about the Millionaire Maker Coaching Membership!


High Returns | Cash Flow | Valuable Collateral

ACI Legacy Group offers safe, high-yield Mortgage Note & Trust Deed investment opportunities to Private Individuals, IRA/401k Holders, Small Corps &

LLC's, Family Trusts and SEP account holders.

We offer short-term & long term, cash flow investments in debt instruments secured by Real Estate.

To learn more, enroll in the Millionaire Maker Note Investing Coaching Group!


Meet theTeam

These are the professionals that work tirelessly behind the scenes to make your investment profitable and hassle free.

Patrick Franz

Professional Investor

Bethany Humphries

Trade Desk

Desi Arnaz

Professional Investor

Patricia Humphries

Banking Specialist

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