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What is a Note?

Where Do Notes Come From?

What is the difference between a Performing, a Non-Performing and a Re-Performing Note?

What is a Mortgage or Trust Deed?

Why do banks sell the Mortgage?

What if I want to sell my Note in order to do something different with my capital?

What is the difference between a 1st Mortgage and a 2nd Mortgage?

How do I foreclose if the Borrowers fails to pay?

What do you do with non-performing assets after purchase?

How do I get the money to buy a note?

Are notes a secure  investment?

Is more profit found in notes then owning the property? Why is this?

Why are Notes sold at discounted price?

What do you mean when you say I am like the bank?

What kind of returns should I realistically expect?

How long after I purchase the note will I receive the assignment/collateral from ACI?

What do you do with non-performing assets after purchase?

How do you determine the value of the collateral property?

Can I sell a note?

How long does it take to set up a note with a Servicer?

If there are delinquent taxes on a property, should I stay away from the deal?

How is my money secured?

How can I use Notes to create passive income for myself and my family?

Does ACI foreclose against the homeowner?

Where can I buy institutional Notes?

I am interested. What is the next step?

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