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Did you know...your IRA, 401k or other retirement account can be invested in Real Estate?

That's right.  Through a process known as "self-direction" you can invest your Retirement Funds into a Private Real Estate Deals. The investment stays inside your retirement account. There are no early withdrawal penalties or tax penalties.


This is done through a Self Directed Individual Retirement Account (SDIRA). They are inexpensive to set up, easy to use and IRS compliant.

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Recorded Webinar

This webinar was produced by Quest Trust Company. It provides answers to many of the questions that you may have about self-directing your retirement account.

Don't Gamble With Your Retirement

Even if you love "playing" the markets, it is wise to diversify your portfolio by placing some of your retirement funds into Real Estate.  Not as a Landlord but as a Lender.


Mortgage Notes Are A MUCH Better Investment Than Stocks, Mutual Funds, or Gold.

Take control of your Retirement Funds. Invest in an asset class that you understand... Real Estate.  With Cash-Flow Mortgage Notes your Retirement Account balance goes UP every month as you collect high-returns in the form of Interest Income. 


Why Gamble when you can win every time?


Stock Market = Gamble

Mutual Funds = Gamble

Wall Street = Gamble

Passive Income

Use techniques that produce Passive Income for you and produce  very high returns.

In fact, the Documented Returns produced by this strategy are so high that they are embarrassing to speak about.

Predictable Cash Flow

Employ techniques and strategies used to create a steady Stream of Cash Flow into your bank account or retirement account.

With this strategy your account balance will go up EVERY month...even if you never contribute another dollar.

Legacy Builder

Like most Investors, you are probably structuring your investments to extend beyond your retirement years.

We will show you how to leave more than money to your heirs. We will show you how to leave a Legacy of Financial Intelligence.

Self Directed IRA Custodians
There are a number of retirement account custodian companies that offer the opportunity for you to self-direct your retirement funds. Listed below are 3 very popular companies.  Call & interview them.  They are very open to answering all of your questions.  

  • Quest Trust Company Toll Free: 855-386-4727
  • Entrust Toll Free: 800-392-9653
  • Pensco Trust Company Toll Free: 866-818-4472 


A link to Quest IRA is shown below for ease of reference & to conduct your Due diligence.

Quest IRA Website:

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